Poultry and Ducks
Poultry and Ducks

We have kept poultry since we lived on the Malverns some 14 years ago and have become more involved with ducks, in particular Runner Ducks and "German" Pekins.

For the time being we are not offering any ducks or duck eggs for sale due to the current situation with Defra`s policy regarding Avian flu. We have downsized the flock and those we have kept are solely as pets.

The Silkie hens are of free range stock. The ducks and chickens all forage in the paddocks in the daytime and come home to their pens at dusk, when they are all safely locked up for the night.


Guide to Hatching Pekin Ducks

The object of this little booklet is to try and assist our customers to get the very best hatching rate possible after buying our eggs. Ducks eggs are a little more difficult to hatch than hens eggs. 

British Waterfowl Association

The BWA is an association of enthusiasts interested in keeping, breeding and conserving all kinds of waterfowl - wildfowl, domestic ducks and geese. Why not vist their website to find out more?

Domestic Waterfowl Club

The Domestic Waterfowl Club has information on incubation, breeding and welfare of ducks. A great place to start if you are thinking of hatching some eggs.

Pekin Ducks

Our Pekin Ducks have their own website and gallery. Please "Click to view".