Tasha & Monty
Tasha and Monty

Tasha and Monty are our two house pets.

Tasha is our registered nine year old Border collie. She is very energetic and is a good working dog, herding all the livestock. There are lots of walks for her to explore in the surrounding hills and lanes.

She especially likes swimming and dives into streams and rivers to retrieve her well-chewed tennis balls.

Monty our rescue cat is thoroughly laid back – usually in front of the wood burner or snoozing on top of the straw and hay in the barns.

He is inquisitive and likes to climb the trees and explore the barn roofs, though finding a way down is a bit more challenging.


Tasha's Gallery

Tasha has her own gallery but it needs updating which should start soon.

International Sheep Dog Society

The International Sheep Dog Society is a member organisation and registers over 6,000 Border Collie pups every year. The ISDS Number and Dog Certificate are a guarantee of pedigree that, for most dogs, can be traced back over 100 years.

Our Sheep

We chose to keep Hebrideans as they are a small and hardy primitive breed and are very easy to handle.

German Pekin Ducks for sale

In spring 2019 we increased our flock of Pekins and will be selling both stock and eggs in 2021.