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Although the original 17th century cottage has been extended over the years it was in need of a complete upgrade internally to bring facilities up to a contemporary standard and correcting the many bodges and dodgy workmanship, using materials and techniques more sympathetic with the character and age of the building.

Since moving here we have finished numerous renovation projects inside the house and in the outbuildings. There are a few more in the pipeline for 2024 and I haven't uploaded those in 2023 yet!

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Project: New tiles

Project: FTTP - fibre-to-the-premises ??

Project: Replace the old plastic and old foil flushing on my workshop

Project: Just to replace two rusty covers!

Project: Sorting out both sides of the ducks hutch to stop any burrowing.

Project: Stay warm without a Heat Pump.

Project: Would be nice to have a new set of doors! But first......

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